Planning our 2021 Garden

It is already the end of the 2020 growing season, at least for many of us in the northern hemisphere, and I am planning what to grow in my 2021 garden.

There are the basic vegetables which we consume most often, green and yellow beans, carrots, beets, leafy greens, etc. (I highly recommend the carrot variety “Hercules” which grow large, sweet and don’t turn to mush when pressure canned) Then there are the few “new” veggies that I will plant in hopes we will discover a new favorite.

Something I have found to be a very useful tool in planning the garden is this canning chart from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s pdf for canning vegetables. 

canning yield chart

The chart lists how many pounds of each particular vegetable is required to fill a bushel, as well as pounds to fill a quart canning jar and the number of quart jars which can be filled from one bushel of veg.

These help me to plan quantities needed for my pantry and in the end, how much I need to plant so I don’t sow too many or too few seeds.

It is also helpful when going to the farmer’s market to purchase what isn’t in my garden. It helps when the farm stand doesn’t sell “by the bushel” and only by the pound.

I hope this .pdf for safely canning vegetables and this chart will be of use to you. If you are new to canning I highly recommend downloading the .pdf and reading it thoroughly.


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