Taking Control of Weeds in the Garden

The worst work in the garden is tackling the problem of weeds.  Over the years I haven’t found anything that works better than cardboard covered by a thick layer of wood chips.

The cardboard blocks even the tiniest amount of sunlight reaching the weeds and the thick, heavy 12 inch layer of wood chips ensure that.    Eventually both will break down and create a rich soil for the garden.

Another benefit I have discovered is I am not walking ankle deep in the wet, clay mud which lingers for days after it rains.   Last week it rained every day and normally the area where the garden is located would be a shallow pond, but because of this deep mulch I can walk over the area without loosing my shoe in the mire or having my plants drown.

The farm is located in what the locals call “clay alley” so it doesn’t matter where I situate the garden, it is all white clay.  When wet it is a sticky, mush.  Once dried out it is as hard as cement.   Nothing grows in it except nasty weeds.

It is so good to see good things growing now.



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