Germinating Seeds without Soil: final update day 7

This is the final update for this experiment of starting seeds without soil.

The carrots have all germinated and are ready to transplant into soil.

The beets have also all germinated and are about 1 1/2″ tall with leaves.

The cabbage seeds have 100% germination and have been transplanted into  plastic egg carton cells (the egg cartons are the clear plastic type with two lids) and are thriving.

Add to these, 3 days ago I sowed broccoli seeds and they all germinated in only one day and are now ready to transplant into egg carton cells.  These tiny seeds were amazing to watch as there was a major change in their appearance daily.

All the tiny plants will remain beneath the grow lights until they are large enough and strong enough to be moved to the garden, but I must say at this point I am stunned by how much time this process of starting seeds has saved and especially how every seed has germinated compared with starting them in pots or seed trays with soil.

I hope this experiment has been helpful for any of you starting seeds for your own garden.

One thought on “Germinating Seeds without Soil: final update day 7”

  1. I have started seeds this way , and yes it is quick, but it lets you know what is happening. Nothing more frustrating than seeds not coming up with no reason why. You can do carrots, but plant direct in garden once germinated, and protect with shade cloth or newspaper as they can frizzle in the sun. I have also glued them to a paper towel for a neat grid, then planted. Paper helps keep them wet also.


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