Dry Canning Meat

Pressure Canned Beef no liquid added

What happens to the food in the freezer when the power goes out? It thaws and you either eat it or throw it out, right? Nope, pressure canning meat not only saves that possible loss, but it also provides safely preserved, good tasting meat for quick, meals.
I dry can ground beef which will be used later in any recipes that call for loose, browned ground beef such as meat sauce, tacos, etc.
One pound of ground beef fills a one pint jar. Brown the meat, drain off the liquid, and loosely fill sterile jars removing air pockets as usual. Tapping the jar on the counter will help settle the meat into the jar without tamping.
(the little bit of fat in the jars is harmless and was forced from the meat during the pressure canning process). These jars each contain one pound of beef which fill the jars to the bottom ridge and became packed down during processing.
Wipe the jar rim with a cloth dipped in vinegar, add lids and rims, and process for your altitude; 75 min, 11 lbs for pints or 90 min 11 lbs for quarts at elevation below 1000 ft according to the USDA directions for beef. This Canning Times is what I use.

2 thoughts on “Dry Canning Meat”

  1. I didn’t know it was called dry canning 🙂 Learn something new everyday. We were given a bunch of quart jars this past spring. Hubby said ” We’ll have to think of gift ideas to give them away.” I told him I didn’t mind having them on hand “just incase” as you mentioned, the power went out for a long period. Said I would be canning meat like a crazy woman.

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    1. I only pre-cook ground beef. For large pieces of meat I raw pack, without adding water, broth or stock. I place whole or cube meat into sterile jars then seal. Once processed there will be plenty of pure meat juices in the jars, along with lots of flavor. My husband especially enjoys the pork sirloin I process this way, one piece of sirloin that fits the height of the jar to bottom ridge. When he gets a hunger for pulled pork he grabs a jar, breaks down the meat and adds his favorite bar-b-que sauce. A couple of minutes in the microwave and he is on cloud nine. 🙂


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