Do You Remember Life Before “Technology”

There seems to be always someone on my FB that posts photos of things such as a wall telephone with a rotary dial and asks “Does anyone remember these?”  or some other relic from what young folks consider “the old days”.

Inevitably there is usually someone who will post a photo of the base of a treadle sewing machine and ask “What is this?”

I miss “my” old days, and the way life was so much simpler and peaceful…. even with the peace marches and bra burnings.  Those exhibitions of social outrage seem so peaceful compared to the riots and vulgar displays happening in our world today.

I miss not being tethered to a telephone when I leave home, and not being bombarded with images of overly buxom Barbie impersonators each time I turn on the tv or needing to fast forward through a movie because of totally un-necessary to the plot, intimate scenes.

I miss morality and good taste.  I miss the days when people kept their private business to themselves.  I miss the days when boys made the first timid attempt at holding a girl’s hand, let alone try to get that first kiss…. rather than today’s girls who are the ones “notching their bedpost”.

I miss the days when no one would dare leave home without being properly dressed…. these days they go shopping wearing their pajamas and slippers…and some wear next to nothing.

I miss seeing 13-year-old girls who look and dress like 13 and not 25.  I miss seeing 8 year olds playing with dolls, and not texting on cell phones or reading books and not playing video games.  And boys being more interested in comic books and baseball than girls, drugs and guns.

I miss having three work shifts, and not flex-time.  I miss when companies hired people for 40 hour work week, and not 39 or less in order to avoid providing benefits such as medical insurance for their employees.

I miss the days when a family could live comfortably on one paycheck, and kids were raised by their parents to be respectful, moral and educated.

I miss the days when people weren’t offended by other people speaking their mind.

I can keep going with this all day….. but I have ranted enough for now.

What do you miss?  If we could turn back the years, would you?  I would, in a hear-beat even if it didn’t include making me younger.

4 thoughts on “Do You Remember Life Before “Technology””

  1. I miss it too. Remember “Call when you get there?” Children wanting to grow up to be adults rather than adults behaving like children. I miss quite. And I miss folks “dropping by” for a visit. It’s all so scheduled today. I too could go on.

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  2. I miss having a ‘Sunday best’ outfit (just one!), I miss free weekends, I miss wax paper wrapped lunches, I miss being able to get ahead by simply working hard, I miss brave men and women, I miss old people who knew things (not just old people that only now the poker machines!), I miss having less to think about, I miss my grandparents and their quiet wisdom.

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