Goat’s Unique Eyes

Goats are fascinating creatures, smart, funny and even tempered.   They are beautiful and have such expressive eyes.  Those big, beautiful eyes that seem to see right through you.   And what’s with their rectangular shaped pupils?   So unusual, have you ever wondered why?  Nature doesn’t do anything without good reason, so what is the reason for this?

Did you know that when a goat lowers its head to the ground the pupils remain in the the same horizontal position?   No matter which direction they move their heads, the pupils always remain horizontal so, unlike we humans, they always see the world the same way.   If we tilt our heads to one side, the view becomes tilted.

If this has peaked your interest, follow the link to video by the National Geographic Channel to watch a fascinating video on the subject.

Explorer: Goat’s Unique Eyes

Goats may not seem that extraordinary, but recent studies reveal a special secret about the goat’s pupil, an adaptation that gives it an incredibly wide range of peripheral vision.

Posted by National Geographic Channel on Friday, February 12, 2016

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