We are Kathleen and Nick, and we have recently purchased, and relocated to, an old abandoned farm in southern Virginia.

The place had been vacant for many years and we will be restoring the 100 year old farmhouse and barn, and building new, smaller barns for the livestock.  We currently have three Nubian goats and a Great Pyranees named Sophie who watches over them.

Until a few weeks ago we also had a flock of 18 chickens and four ducks, but sadly, a stray pack of dogs killed them all.  So we will be starting a new flock in a few weeks when the new chicks are delivered.

Nick is an electrical engineer and also has some construction skills acquired from his years in the Navy SeaBees.  As for me, I was taught many of the old homemaking skills by my grandmother.  Cooking and canning, sewing quilts and clothing, and even making soap.

For the past several years Nick and I have raised our own vegetables and chickens both for meat and for eggs.  And I have either canned or dehydrated the product of our garden.

This is our first farm, and we have much more to learn.  Last fall, during our first week here, we had our grass cut, then the hay baled by neighboring farmers. It was an incredible experience for us.  We have been blessed with friendly neighbors who have been farming for generations and are happy to share their knowledge and skills with us newbies.

We are looking forward to our new future, new friendships and Our Simple Homestead life.

~Kathleen and Nick