Our Great Pyranees

Our Great Pyranees are Louie (b 5/2017) and Sophie (b. 4/2016).

The Great Pyranees breed are natural  protectors, and sometimes herders as are these two.

Sophie and Louie each instinctively began herding the goats by the time they were only about two months of age.  They also stood guard to protect the herd, at the same time.

Sophie at 8 weeks

Sophie worked alone for her first year.  We brought Louie into the family so she would have a partner, playmate and hopefully, a mate.  Both dogs have exceptional personalities.  Playful, loving and friendly in addition to being a great working team.

We’ve sold off the goat herd and the pair now guard the chicken flock with Sophie patrolling the perimeter and Louie working as second line of defense close to his flock.


 Sophie and Louis 2018