Our Goats

Meet our Nubian goats….  that’s Dawson in front, is one year old and sire to our new additions….. Behind him and looking off to your left is Charlotte, and the one looking to your right is Penny, they were two years old in January.  That white bit of fluff in the back is Sophie, our Great Pyranees who is also be a year old.    They are quite a group, all camera hams and always ready to pose for photos, except they usually try to get really close to the lens.

They are all lots of fun and are as sweet as they can be.  They love to be petted and go for walks.  The goats follow us around like good little puppies, which, sad to say, is not the same for the dog who must be kept on a leash when going outside the fenced areas.

Our new goats from this trio are Daisy and Violet.

our goats
Charlotte, Dawson, Penny

 Charlotte’s Triplets

3 mouths, 2 teats.